Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar

Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo w Case
Rickenbacker 330 Electric Guitar Fireglo w Case
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 This is a 1998 Fender Rickenbacker 360  6 string Fireglow electric guitar.  I purchased it from an eBay seller 3 years ago.  It came with "modern" high gain pick-ups which I replaced with 7.4k ohm toaster pickups.  I purchased the pickups from the Rickenbacker website.  I had the pickups installed professionally at an authorized Rickenbacker dealer in New Orleans.  I wanted to get a more retro tone from the toaster pickups, so the installer also installed a .0047uF capacitor to the bridge pickup.  When the bridge pickup is selected, the capacitor allows the blending knob (5th knob) to cut more bass, allowing for more treble and "jangle."

There is a minor nick on the front of the guitar that came with the guitar when I originally purchased it.
It is so minor that it is nearly impossible to photograph.

This is a great guitar.  Sounds great.  Looks fantastic.
It comes with its original hard-shell case.

Let me know if you have any questions.

 124072607148434441 Rickenbacker 360 Electric Guitar

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